Is India safe for Women Travelling Alone?

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The question “Is India safe for Women traveling alone” is a shame for the Magnus country like India.

The country is rich in beautiful lands, architecture, colorful culture, different languages and more but when it is about the safety of women, it is always in question, especially when foreign national comes to India as a solo women traveler.

As a woman, I wasn’t sure if I must go to India or not during my world tour. But at the same time, I thought it would be unfair for a traveler freak like me to avoid visiting a vast country on the earth on the basis of what I have heard. Eventually, I chose to go to India and had a great experience.

And with my experience, I can now suggest some tips to all women out there planning to go to India.

  • The first thing that I will not recommend to women going to a place in India with gimmicks of mass tourism. You can find plenty of places in India where you can have your way to enjoy without a crowd.
  • You can also find group tours which are arranged by a travel agency or any other trusted local agent. In such way, you won’t be cornered or face any kind of racism.
  • If you are culturally aware then you can also dress-up to not be looked different than Indians and thus you won’t take a risk of being treated differently.
  • You must be aware of cultural differences in different places. There are places where women cannot even freely walk. You will be labeled as characterless if being overfriendly with men.
  • Don’t forget to use an Indian SIM Card and phone.
  • Your passport and Indian tourist visa must be valid and legitimate.

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